Mission to honor NFT Crypto value and Talents

RareMall platform is a community that honors talent and creativity. It serves to empower both traders and customers with hassle-free access to top trending NFTs products, thereby making it an attractive medium for online transactions.

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We do better than the others

  • Complete synthesis of all DefI Functions
  • Supportive AR & VR for digital assets
  • Flexible mechanism to price NFT assets
  • Appealing product pages, category pages, collection pages
  • Clear authorized and privacy policies

The first few NFT marketplace own

  • Interactive Social Media Profile & Portfolio Page
  • Dynamic & Radically advanced filter & search navigation system
  • Superb Auction Live Chat
  • Fast checkout with NFTs bundles

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RareMall Token (MALL)

RareMall will be governed and supported by our native and fungible MALL tokens created in BSC. These utility tokens built in ERC20 Standard can be used for a wide range of activities


Main payment means for transaction fees in the RareMall platform.


Users can buy placements to put their NFTs on any online exhibitions on RareMall.


Pay authors for their authorization rights as a secondary sale’s commission.

Lending / Borrowing

Users are allowed to gain interest by lending out assets or to borrow against collateral.


Users are allowed to lock their tokens in a specific period in the wallets to receive the rewards from RareMall.

Yield Farming

Allows users to earn fixed or variable interest by investing cryptocurrency in a DeFi market.


Users have the right to vote for important changes of RareMall by holding MALL.


Borrower cannot resell or destroy the object, and makes sure that object returns to the owner when the rent period ends.

Token Distribution

Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Total Tokens Supply


Token Symbol


Initial Market Cap


Seed Price


Private Sale 1 Price


Private Sale 2 Price


Public Sale Price


Following Roadmap 2021

Our Team

We are proud of to be a dedicated team. Each of members masters in his/her expertise and always enthusiatic to contribute developing RareMall to bring more value for NFTs Market.


Mr Tony Vu

Founder and CEO


Ms. Iris

Growth Marketing & Project Manager


Ms. Mint N

Product Manager


Mr. Max Nguyen



Mr. Corbin Nguyen

Devops Engineer

advisor-1 advisor-2


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